Michał Fojcik MPSE

Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer

Working for over 20 years in sound postproduction, I have been editing & mixing sound for film, tv, radio, multimedia, theater, museum installations and music.
Over time, film sound design became my biggest passion.
Between 2011-2015 I worked in Alvernia Studios as a sound designer and head of sound postproduction.

Member of Motion Picture Sound Editors society, Polish Film Academy and European Film Academy.

My own library of sound effects is constantly growing, since I believe that every project I work on, needs it’s own sound aesthetics.
Recording sounds became regular and important part of my life.
I love listening, when field recording and also while searching for specific sounds or processing them.
For me, recording own character of places or objects, or creating it in postproduction is both exciting.
Sound has character and is important character of every story.